"I like learning about the history of the civil rights movement and we get to learn all about that in my class at Freedom Schools" 

-Omarrion, age 13


"I love coming here because I learn so much and I make new friends."


-Kimyah, age 8 


"Freedom schools is a good opportunity because you can learn about your ancestors. I really like Harambee because we usually can't do things like that at school."


-Zyron, age 10


"My favorite book we read this summer is called The Skin I'm In. That book taught me that you have to love yourself first before you can accept the love of others."


-Destinee, age 14


"In one of the books we read, we learned to always stand up for what is right."


-Layla, age 8


"Freedom Schools is not like regular school. We get to do lots of fun activities and learn about our culture."


-Imani, age 9


"We learn about our history here. We learn about people from history who have stood up for what they believe in"


-Raheim, age 11


"This summer at Freedom Schools I learned that it's wrong to do violence because you can get your whole life taken away."

-Xavier, Elementary School Scholar

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