Educating for Freedom in Schools relies on the sponsorship of area businesses and individuals who want to invest in exposing our youth to the best kinds of enrichment experiences. Do you work for a company that believes in the power of education? Are you an individual who would like our children to be exposed to specific kinds of activities during the summer? Then sponsoring a CDF Freedom Schools activity is just for you! Through sponsorship you can:

-Provide funds for arts and community based projects and activities

-Volunteer for service learning and literacy based activities

-Share information with our youth about your work in the community

-Donate books that our scholars can add to their personal libraries

-And More!

Don't have a lot of time, but simply want to contribute to the program in a small, but significant way? Then guest reading is perfect for you! 30 min. is all we need. We will supply the book for you. Just come prepared to share information about how you serve our community! Click the link above to begin the process to register as a guest reader.


As parents it is up to us to educate and prepare our children to assume the


responsibilities of being “home alone.” Each child is ready to assume this 


responsibility at different times based on his/her maturity level. It is important to 


set house rules, establish routines and educate your children about emergency 


procedures before they are left alone. Lastly, monitoring is very important during 


this time. Check in to make sure that house rules are being followed and 


acknowledge your children when they make good choices during this time.

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